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Mr. Nero Asibelua

Mr. Nero Asibelua holds a B.A degree in Theatre management /Visual communication from the University of Benin, Edo state and is the Executive Director and Chairman of MSI Africa Development Limited.

He cultivated organisational cultures of transparency and work ethic that enhances standards of operational practice. Transferring the lessons learned from his many years of experience, Mr. Asibelua has developed best-in-
class modelling options from concept engineering to production.

He has worked in the oil industry as the field development manager responsible for Equinox Groups participation interest in the development of offshore oil block OPL 286. He provided guidance in development planning and implementation as well as supervision of operational activities performed by
British Gas.  Nero has developed numerous successful companies in oil industry. With his astute business acumen, he has been successful in establishing and effectively operating companies such as Tri-View Nigeria Ltd, First
October International Ltd, MSI Africa Development, Corporate Image Developers, Noble Hill Network as the Chairman.

Prior to these accomplishments, He worked for 5 years as a representative in West Africa for UNESCO, US News & amp; World report, Forbes magazine
magazine and Newsweek.

He is the CEO of Winestitute, producers and distributors of Noble hill wines across Africa.  Nero has been a distributor for IMT SPA Italian Drilling Rigs since 1995.

He also is the founder of Nero Asibelua Foundation, an entity set-up to help humanity.