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Society for Art Collection

The Society for Art Collection is a registered charity (CAC/IT/NO/110968) committed to providing a platform for the exchange of ideas amongst art collectors whilst promoting an appreciation for the arts. The society, through systematic, knowledgeable and organized means, will be a how-to guide for the novice as well as established collectors; art enthusiasts; journalists and critics; dealers and gallery owners; investors and scholars, on how to navigate the exclusive path of art collection.

Art to us is a social, economic, and cultural experience. It is more than the physical object but transcends into the sentiments behind its creation, the emotion evoked in its observers, and the value accorded to it by society.

Vision of Sartcol

Our vision is to provide the platform for an “educated collection and promotion" of the arts.

Promoting the collection and preservation
of art works in Nigeria and beyond.

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