Our Mission

To educate collectors on the intricacies of collecting art – provenance and rights of collectors, preserving sustainable collections, respecting the rights of artists, supporting artists, and connecting artists with prospective collectors of their works.

Our Vision

To provide the platform for an “educated collection and promotion" of the arts.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote the collection and preservation of art works in Nigeria and beyond.
  • To provide a fora for the exchange of ideas and experiences among artists, art collectors, and other stakeholders on issues of art and art collection.
  • To support and promote the enlightenment of artists, collectors, and other persons involved in the research, practice, and promotion of art collection.
  • To encourage and promote a culture of art appreciation through the promotion and support of art exhibitions and auctions for both indigenous and international artists as well as art collectors.
  • To develop and maintain collaboration with other national and international bodies engaged in art and art collection.
  • To encourage research, publication, and data collection of relevant materials pertaining to art collection.
  • To promote the activities of legitimate art organisations.